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What is Trust Administration and Litigation?

When one or more individuals create a trust, they name one or more trustees to oversee the administration of the trust after they are no longer able to act as trustee due to death or incapacity. This is known as a “successor trustee” and is often a relative or friend. Successor trustees, as well as surviving spouses in situations where the spouses are co-creators of the trust, are often at a loss after the death of the trust creator or spouse as to how to go about administering the trust, make distributions to trust beneficiaries, comply with the terms of the trust and the law, or deal with conflict among beneficiaries.

A trustee of a trust owes a duty of care to the trust estate and its beneficiaries. When the trustee places their own interests above those of the trust beneficiaries or fails to comply with the terms of the trust or the requirements of the law, legal action may become necessary.

How We Can Help

The Law Office of Carol A. Fauerbach guides trustees and their successor trustees through the trust administration process. In addition, we represents trustees as well as trust beneficiaries in cases involving breach of fiduciary duties, accounting controversies, trustee removal, trust contests, trust interpretation, or other trust litigation matters.

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